Tuesday, May 22, 2012

AVA Volkssporters March in Fiesta Parade

May 9, 2012
Volkssporting received international attention recently as part of a tie-in event with a nationally acclaimed city festival, Fiesta San Antonio.

American Volkssport Association President Heinz Johnson confirmed that AVA provided a 42-member joint marching unit to walk in the April 28, 2012, Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade, the largest illuminated night parade in the nation.

“Taking advantage of this opportunity to walk a few kilometers and gain tons of  favorable publicity for Volkssporting was a no brainer,” Johnson said.  The parade was viewed by a  live crowd of over 600,000 street spectators along a 2.6 mile parade route.

Another estimated 1.5 million viewers watched the parade live and commercial-free on KLRN, a  San Antonio  public television station.  Additionally,  it  was streamed on the World Wide Web (www.fiestaflambeau.org), adding international exposure for volkssporting and the association. Marchers from the following Texas Volkssport Association clubs participated: Volkssportverein Fredericksburg, Texas Wanderers, Houston Happy Hikers, NB Marsch und Wandergruppe, Randolph Roadrunners, West Texas Trail Walkers, Colorado River Walkers, Selma Pathfinders, Kerrville Trailblazers and two staff members from the AVA Headquarters.

Gaining recognition and publicity for the American Volkssport Association on a local, regional and national level remains an essential element  of efforts to retain and  increase membership in existing clubs and to establish new clubs nationwide.


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