Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's Time To Walk Update and News

At this time we have 68 clubs and 38 states participating in the unique It's Time To Walk event at 10:11am on 12/13/14. The deadline to order the event patch is approaching and ends on September 15th. Click here for the Time To Walk patch order form

To order a unique T-shirt, ball cap, or other items an account has been set up on cafepress to do so. You place your order directly and pay directly via Cafepress not through AVA HQ. The site is organized by categories such as Men's, Women's, Junior's, and Kid's with the miscellaneous items on the storefront. *Note: If you have issues with ordering and issues with your order please contact cafepress, not AVA HQ. AVA HQ does not have any control over the cafepress website or ordering process.*  Click here to order from our store

Quick Links:
Men's Clothing:
Click here for Men's Long Sleeve, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies
Click here for Men's T-Shirts

Women's Clothing:
Click here for Women's Long Sleeve, Hoodies
Click here for Women's T-Shirt

Junior's Clothing:
Click here for Junior's Hoodies
Click here for Junior's T-Shirts

Kids Clothing:
Click here for Kids Long Sleeve, Sweatshirts, Hoodies
Click here for Kids T-Shirts

*Note: There are limited choices for Women's Long Sleeve, Sweatshirts, and Hoodies. If you would like the Men's section has an abundance of designs and choices that you might also like.*

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  1. Thanks for the great info! I'm trying to watch what I ingest as my body attempts to properly digest it, then I learn that I'm being bamboozled the whole damn time!