Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Convention Registration

Whether you want to register online using pay pal or mail in your registration click on this link (click here) and fill out the form completely, you must print this form before submitting. You can also find the form on the AVA website by going to the  Conventions tab > 2015 Convention Registration. Print the form out if mailing into HQ and include with your payment. This form will be available in the convention section of the AVA website, under the blog area and on our official Facebook page. This site has been tested, but if you have any problems email
**Please print off your registration form before clicking on the submit button.**


  1. I want to print the registration form before sending it, but there is no "PRINT" button. I want to send in my form by US mail, not online, but you do not give me that option. It says to print the form before registering, but the button says to register and print, not what I want to do.

    1. You could use the "print screen" option on your computer.

  2. I wonder if someone could make a map showing where each of the walks will be, perhaps numbered chronologically or with a date. This was done for the Iowa convention and makes hotel planning much easier, especially at the beginning and end of the convention. Thank you.

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  4. Thanks for the explanation but that's not the easiest way to register . We tried it at but many clients disapproved it.

  5. I think about whether somebody could make a guide demonstrating where every one of the strolls will be, maybe numbered sequentially Dissertation Writing or with a date. This was improved the situation the Iowa tradition and makes inn arranging substantially simpler, particularly toward the start and end of the tradition. Much obliged to you.

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