Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A word from TAW Productions.

Hi all!

I’m sending this specific note to those of you who sent photos with your articles in the last TAW that just got mailed. I receive dozens of photos with articles that are just identified as IMG_1009.JPG or IMG_3752.JPG or worse, 12687859_10153874570538279_4740501352239890722_n.jpg.

Consequently when I import your article into the layout program I have to go through every one of those photos to try figure out which goes with which article. I spent two hours just on ID’ing photos from one region in the last issue … that was just trying to match them up with the article they belonged to. 

So … for future reference I will no longer accept any photos that don’t have a specific title to them, such as Mill pond stratford.JPG, or MedinaRiverNaturalArea.JPG. The title should correspond to the title of your article. 

And you need to title your article … I receive many articles just labeled TAW article or TAWaprilmay2016 rev, or APR MAY 2016 TAW Article b.docx. Your article should have a title … 35 Years for Three Rivers Strollers.doc or Kingston Rondout Article 2016.docx, for example. 

Photos for those two articles should probably be titled Three Rivers.jpg or KingstonRondout.jpg. This puts both the article and photo right next to each other and eliminates a guessing game for me. 

How do you change the title of a photo? It’s pretty simple actually. Just click twice, slowly, on the name of the file and it should highlight the name. Then just type a new name and you’re done! If you need more assistance, please ask … I’m more than willing to spend some time helping you, which makes it easier and more accurate for me in doing my job.

Photo captions … please type them into a Word document or text document and attach that to the email. I can’t import text from emails into the layout program, so I have to copy, open Word, paste it in and resave it before I can use it. And do not put your photo in a Word document … just attach it to the email like you would your Word document. This helps maintain the quality of your photo and saves me steps trying to copy and paste it into a graphic file. 

Lastly, don’t send photos or articles in PDF files … all submissions to TAW, with the exception of paid ads, are reformatted and the PDF format does not allow reformatting. Those of you who might be using Apple programs, you can still save your files as a Word document by going to the File menu, go down to Save As, and usually a window will give you a pull down menu where you can specify how to save the document and Word is usually there. If that doesn’t work, look for text and save it as a text file. Again, if you have Mac questions, ask as that’s what I work on.

I appreciate all of you for submitting articles and photos to TAW. This was the best issue we’ve had for awhile because many clubs sent more articles than in the past. I hope everyone keeps this up, because it is your paper! I just assemble it to look nice for printing and mailing to members. 

Have a good Easter!


TAW Production
Office hours:
M-F, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. CST


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