Monday, November 16, 2015

Surveys Update

Thank you to all who completed the AVA State Organization and Club Survey and Individual Survey. The survey is now closed and the work begins. The Strategic Planning Committee is convening in Dallas, November 16-19, to analyze the data and continue with the planning. In all we had 1,793 individual walker surveys, 172 club surveys and 10 state organization surveys completed. This is amazing! Stay tuned, more exciting things to come!


  1. Club Survey result #4 is STAGGERING -- 1/3 of all clubs have less than 25 members, and almost 1/2 of our clubs are less than 50 members. As we have lost something like 1/2 of our clubs since 9/11, this should get the attention of all leaders in the AVA!


    John McClellan
    Happy Wanderers - AVA -0717

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