Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Merchandise Item: Stick-on AVA Logo Patch

There’s a new merchandise item just waiting for you to buy it from the AVA e-commerce store. A nifty stick-on AVA logo patch. The stitched, one and one- half- inch- high letters “AVA” are cut out and colored AVA blue, with a thin grey border and a red accent line running across them.

A sticky residue on the back, that does not stain clothing, allows you to apply it to most any article of clothing providing instant recognition for our organization.  It is especially effective on men’s polo shirts, jackets and suit coats or blazers and women’s’ blouses.

Holly Pelking, AVA vice president, was one of the first volunteers to test the patch. “It is so neat, as you can automatically convert any plain shirt or jacket into an AVA specialty item.”

I wore the patch while attending the California Volkssport Association conference recently. I got numerous questions as to where I purchased my AVA jacket and polo shirt.  People were amazed when I peeled off the patch then re-attached it.

The attractive patch sells for $5 and membership discounts will be honored.

The number of applications are somewhat limited and if the glue does weaken, people have been sewing the patches on fanny packs and other apparel.   I would suggest buying two or three of them.  Velcro also works well.

Wear them for special occasions such as speaker engagements, traditional walk registration activities, club meetings, etc.   Buy some for your volunteers to make them all look uniform or use them as awards for special achievement. 

Show your AVA colors and support the association.

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